Finding out about Yogyakarta Weather to Get the Best out of the City

Knowing about yogyakarta weather is an important part of designing and planning your trip to the city. Why? It helps a lot when you have sizeable knowledge about the city’s climate and weather condition so it does not interfere with your fun times. The city has so many things to offer tourists; it is perhaps a place where you can observe Javanese tradition and culture up close and personal. You will not find a single skyscraper in the city although some hotels do have buildings that sport stories higher than trees but they are hardly eligible to be called skyscrapers. Shopping malls and department stores are also to be visited but Yogyakarta has more than mere urban life for you to observe.

You need to get a valid yogyakarta weather forecast to help find yourself the best time to visit the city. If you are more of the wing-it type of person, then this would not mean much to you as you will still go to the city’s places of interest no matter what. But if you want to save yourself from the hassle of having to bring an umbrella or a raincoat with you, then learning about the city’s overall climate is important. Do not let the rain ruin your day or the scorching sun causes your spirit to dissipate into thin air. Essentially, Yogyakarta is a tropical in climate. The city only has two seasons: wet and dry, although during either season, slight change can happen so it could rain for a shot time during the dry season and vice versa.

As for yogyakarta weather hourly, it is pretty much stable. It is relatively easy to follow the city’s weather even on hourly basis. For example, if it is the dry season, even there are dark clouds in the sky, it’s guaranteed there won’t be any rain falling for the day. The same goes for when it’s wet season. The sky could be clear in the morning but by midday, rain could pour so hard you would think the clear sky from early in morning was just a joke. So, this should mean that you need only know about the spans of each season within Yogyakarta to fully enjoy the city. Below is the breakdown for the city’s seasons:

  1. Wet season occurs typically from November through March. At early stage, the rain would first fall rather sparsely. But at least a month into the season, you need to be prepared as it would rain all through the week—for months. Some days, the rain would fall all day long, right from the dusk till dawn. The weather, naturally, develops humid temperature, thanks to the clash between harsh precipitation and the regional warmth.
  2. Dry season starts from April through October. At the beginning, it would still rain if somewhat sporadically and for a short time. As the season enters maturity, though, it would be a blessing in disguise to catch even teeny drizzles during this period. Precipitation is at its lowest around this time and as a result the weather is somewhat comfortable. It would feel warm yet not humid.


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